Video drone

Video drone content has been lifted to a new level with the rise of drones. Videos of never seen before context are now available on the internet. Drone enthusiasts capture the most amazing content by using a drone. This blog will focus on the wide variety of uses regarding drone video.

Video drone

Video drone









Drone aerial video

To start things off we will elaborate on the recreational use of drone filming. Many people have already started to capture drone videos on their own. However, a contest has emerged from the rising amount of drone videos. The New York City Drone Film Festival (NYCDFF) is the world’s first event exclusively dedicated to celebrating the art of drone cinematography. This is already the third annual NYCDFF which will take place on the 18th and 19th of March in 2017.

The NYCDFF offers plenty of activities for drone users on all levels including:

  • Aerial Cinematography Seminars
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Master classes
  • Day of drones at the Liberty Science Center
  • Drone Expo & Demonstrations Cage
  • STEM-integrated Drone Building Programs
  • FPV Drone racing & Freestyle FPV competition

Also, if you are looking for inspiration regarding drone video you can head over to the website of the NYCDFF. The website offers plenty of inspirational videos, and on top of that you can watch the videos from last year’s winners.

The event itself is very accessible for every kind of drone user, because of the large diversity of activities. However, competing in the drone video contest is significantly more difficult. One would have to buy an expensive drone and equip it with a costly camera. Furthermore, you will have to fly your drones to risky areas in order to take the best videos. And we didn’t even mention the hours required to get that perfect drone video. So if you would consider joining this contest, or creating high quality drone content, do not forget the required time and money to start things off. And on top of that, beware of safety issues, do not put your safety at risk just for the best drone content!

Commercial side of video drone content

Drones are already widely used for commercial purposes. The most common one is capturing drone content for marketing purposes, since this applies to a broad amount of sectors. Drone video is, for example, also used to map out areas. Specific areas can be monitored which will provide data to improve the decision making. These drones will get rid of safety concerns whilst also being way more efficient than humans. A good example is the monitoring of preserved animals, since people hunt these for money. It is hard for humans to monitor these animals all day long, without disturbing them. A drone can silently fly above them whilst the animals continue their daily routine.

Drone privacy

We recently discussed the use of drones, but we did not yet shed any light on the drone privacy, which is also a big thing in the drone world. Before gathering content by using your drone it is important to review your countries regulations and no-fly zones. Every country has its own regulations and no-fly zones. Especially airports are a no-fly zone for drones because of the huge risks. So to avoid any conflict with the law, you should google your area, or contact the local authorities to inform yourself. Additionally, you can take a look in our other blogs, in which we highlighted the regulations and drone flying areas in a number of large cities.

Additionally it is important to know that you need a license and certificate to fly your drone for commercial purposes. Receiving money for any drone job, and using a drone for your company are considered as commercial purposes. So beware of the rules in your country, because they might be really strict.