UAV Jobs

UAV jobs keep becoming more diverse with the growing amount of capabilities drones have. In order to keep you updated, we will highlight several uav jobs. This blog will hopefully inspire you to take your drone skills to the next level.

UAV jobs

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UAV Jobs

In order to give you relevant insight and inspiration regarding the current drone jobs, we will elaborate on certain drone piloting jobs in various fields. With this information we hope to encourage you to either apply as a drone pilot on our website, or train yourself in order to commercialize your drone skills.

The first uav drone job we want to highlight is the UAV field operations lead. As a UAV Field Operations Lead, you will be responsible for the deployment and support of our autonomous delivery networks. Daily activities will include technology demonstrations for potential customers, site reviews, network setup, trouble shooting and maintenance of our autonomous systems. This sort of job requires excellent drone flying skills, and extensive technical knowledge.

Drone pilot

Now we will explain an easier UAV drone job; the UAV pilot. An UAV pilot is responsible for collecting high quality imagery, and video footage. More responsibilities are to provide pre-mission planning, develop flight plans, and to solve problems on the basis of the acquired data. If you are a drone pilot with excellent drone flying skills, and able to work in a team, a job similar to this one could be the start of your career.

The third and last drone job we will highlight this blogpost is drone mapping. Drone mapping is the acquisition of various aerial data, which enables companies to take targeted action. Companies in a diverse amount of sectors have realised how this data can drastically improve their core business, which makes the use of drone mapping very appealing. Drone mapping is already being used in construction, agriculture, surveying & mapping, insurance, public safety, utilities and telecom. These sectors will most likely become even more diverse in the future. Therefore, drone mapping offers plenty of career options and growth opportunities.

Where to find UAV jobs?

Our platforms offers individuals and companies to register their drones, these service providers can adjust their profile according to their drone experience and skills. This enables companies to contact the service providers, and possibly start off a partnership. So if you are looking to start off your drone career in a various amount of fields, this is the place to start.