Surveillance drones

Surveillance drones have already placed themselves in the current market. However, a new player has entered the market which might be a gamechanger. This blog will elaborate on the usage of an UAV for your own security.

Surveillance drones

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Sunflower labs surveillance drones

For great home security, you need to know when something’s happening before it’s at your door. The Sunflower Home Awareness System™ combines outdoor sensors with an aerial camera for a complete view of what’s going on around your home. Sunflower Smart Lights™ learn your property’s routines, deterring unwanted visitors with light and sound. When there’s unusual activity, the Smart Lights work with the Sunflower Flying Camera™ to identify what’s happening. This enables you to take adequate action.

Sunflower Labs combines Swiss craftsmanship and engineering with the Silicon Valley startup culture. Sunflower labs is using years of experience building consumer products to design insightful home security. This is the first time a company will launch surveillance drones for individuals. This might result in a future where all houses are under protection of a drone defense system. How cool is that?

How does it work?

The security system allows you to combine outside sensors with an aerial video drone. Thus, the drone can visualize what is going on should the sensors detect any unusual activity.

The thing that makes this system so unique is that you will get a notification on your mobile phone whenever something unusual is happening. With the live footage you can choose an appropriate action. Since obviously every situation has to be handled differently.

Surveillance drones

Surveillance drone notification

Since not every unusual action means a security breach, you can tell the drone when to handle situations on its own. This can all be done through the mobile app. The sunflower sensors are easy to connect. Just place them in the ground and connect them to your smartphone.

All in all, this security system can revolutionize home security through the use of drones.

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Did this interest you and do you want additional information? Visit Sunflower-labs on which you can find all the information you need.