Drone Industrial contribution

Oil and Gas pipelines and infrastructure provide the world with the power it needs, to do so these assets must be maintained and secured. Routine maintenance is often carried out to ensure vital infrastructure is operating at optimum levels. Immune to the most hazardous environments, including smoke and toxins, drones are able to operate day or night equipped with an array of visual and sensor technology.

Worldwide there are thousands of miles of utility pipelines and pylons supporting our homes and businesses. The loss of water or power can severely hinder day-to-day living or in some cases render business inoperable. The use of drones to support utility providers in maintaining these services can dramatically reduce operating costs and reduce consumer prices.

Finite resources and ever increasing consumer costs, mean that the provision of renewable energy becomes more real every day. Video and photography drones are capable of close visual inspection of alternative energy facilities such as wind turbines, hydroelectric dams and solar farms. Precise inspections can be conducted more quickly than conventional methods and unmanned technology allows us to reach offshore or remote locations without any interruption to operations. If you are looking for additional information you can check out this blog regarding drone uses in the industrial sector. If this information has inspired you to register your drone, or find drone pilots, don’t hesitate and create a free account!