Drone Environmental & Governmental purposes

Police Departments across the world already incorporate manned air assets in their everyday role and the protection of the community. These assets are manned and fueled at increasing costs and are the limited by the amount of time they are airborne. An integrated system incorporating several persistent and reaction based assets both manned and unmanned can allow Police Departments to reduce patrols, response times and increase the detection and prevention of unlawful acts.

Whilst enjoying our country’s natural beauty members of our community can be vulnerable to injury, this may result in them becoming lost, and unable to receive medical treatment. Drones can be used to monitor the most vulnerable areas, by tracking walkers/visitors. Search & Rescue teams can be launched at a moment’s notice to provide necessary, and sometimes lifesaving treatment including vital medicine, food and water while the rest of the rescue crew arrives to the scene.

In today’s world extreme weather conditions and natural disasters can affect local communities for months if not years after the event. Providing support to not only those in need but the agencies providing them with security and care is just as important. Search and rescure drones can allow us to provide persistent, enduring support in the form of security, aid relief and communications.