How to get paid using drones?

How to get paid using drones? A common question amongst beginning and experienced drone pilots. An increasing amount of individuals realise the possible impact of drones on their everyday life. This leads them to believe they need to incorporate drones to improve their life or business. This blog will focus on both the creative and commercial side of drones.

How to get paid using drones?

Building a youtube channel

The first creative way to commercialize your drone skills is to build a youtube channel. Youtube offers a partnership which gets you paid per view. By driving traffic to an online store or website, or advertising certain products you are able to generate money from your youtube videos.

Since drones are an upcoming trend and are able to offer mindblowing visuals, its photos and videos can attract large amounts of viewers. Therefore, building a youtube channel which revolves around the use of drones can be a successful business. Before starting such a youtube channel make sure you differentiate your videos from your competitors’ videos. Try to create unique content in order to gain as many viewers as possible.

Freelance microjob sites

Another great way to start off your drone career is to enroll yourself as a drone pilot on freelance drone websites. Such websites offer a platform on which people can enroll as a drone pilot, or find a suitable drone pilot to finish your required job.

Since flying a drone on a high level while capturing aerial images with various additional circumstances is harder than it seems, it might be significantly cheaper to hire a drone pilot compared to buying a drone yourself and capturing aerial images. Also, the quality and invested time when capturing aerial images for commercial goals will be noticably better when using a drone pilot. So before deciding on how to capture that special aerial view, make sure you visit these freelance websites.

Aerial advertising videos

Video advertising is a rising trend amongst businesses. The breathtaking quality of aerial videos captured by drones has convinced companies in a various amount of sectors to start incorporating drones in their advertising policy.

Important sectors are resorts, hotel and real estate. The common factor amongst these sectors are the fact that these businesses require images to represent their business. Therefore, the quality of the images are linked directly to the succes of the business. Luckily, drones are able to create impressive images which allow you to stand out from the crowd. So if you are into creating drone videos, you might as well do this while getting paid.

How to get paid using drones?

Hopefully, after reading this blog you have chosen to start using your drone skills for commercial goals. A great way to start off your drone career is to enroll yourself a as drone pilot. Create and complete your profile as much as you can, to attract as much jobs as possible.