What drones need to be registered?

What drones need to be registered? A common question amongst drone pilots. One can recieve a hefty fine when operating a drone without complying with the regulations. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly elaborate on the changing set of regulations. This blog will provide the essential insights in the rules and regulations in regard to flying your drone.

What drones need to be registered?

Who regulates to nation’s airspace?

The government is in charge of controlling the nation’s airspace, and providing drone pilots with a set of rules and regulations. Specifically, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)¬†controls and registers every drone pilot. So before flying your drone, make sure you thoroughly read up on the rules on their website to prevent any complications. During last year, the FAA launched a new web-based drone registration system. Since this moment, over 600.000 drone users have registered their drone.

Do I need to register my drone?

Not every drone has to be registered. The FAA has specified a set of rules which will determine whether you have to register your drone or not. Owners of drones between 250 grams (0.55 pounds) and 25 kilograms (55 pounds) are required to register their drone. Since many of recreational- and professional drones weigh between these limits, most drone pilots will have to register their drone. The system is primarily aimed at drone users who are not aware of the consequences when flying their drone. With this registration, the agency hopes to raise awareness amongst the drone users, and that the drone users see themselves as actual pilots.

So if you are an average drone users, you are most likely required to register your drone. The FAA charges a $5.00 fee for this. Afterwards, you will recieve a single ID number for all your drones. More information on how to label your drones can be found here. Registration will be valid for three years, this will also give you acces to the registration website.

Flying your drone

If you are looking to fly your drone for commercial goals, make sure to visit the FAA website. The regulations are significantly stricter when flying your drone for commercial goals. However, there are plenty of available jobs which require a drone pilot. When you meet these regulations you can head over to this drone section. Here you can register your own drone profile and start working for employers.