Top 5 drones for kids

Often, drones are being portrayed as high end technology which is most likely too expensive for the average consumer. However, the drone market offers plenty of cheap drones. These drones can, for example, be bought as gifts for kids. Since these drones are significantly cheaper than the average B2B drone, one must know that these drones are way more vulnerable to collision with objects. In this blog, we will talk about the pros and cons of cheaper drones, and create a shortlist of the top 5 drones for kids.

Top 5 drones for kids

Pros and cons of cheap drones

Cheaper drones bring along quite some pros and cons, which is logical since the price is significantly lower than the average B2B drone. One of the pros is that cheaper drones are actually easier to control, since they do not come with an advanced controller. And besides the entertainment, cheap drones can already be used to quality pictures and videos. Additionally, since the drone market is growing gradually, drones with a broad selection of features keep becoming cheaper.

Next we will discuss possible cons. A low quality frame won’t protect the drone against hard collisions. Therefore, you have to be careful flying your drone. Additionally, flight time and range will be limited. So, for starts a cheap drone is okay. But sooner or later you probably want to switch over to a more advanced drone. Especially if you are looking to use your drone for commercial goals.

Drones for kids

Next, we will create a shortlist of 5 drones which are viable for kids.

  • Syma X5C RC Quadcopter: The Syma is able to perform flips with just the press of a button. Furthermore it is really cheap and still equipped with a HD camera.
  • Cheerson CX-10 Mini Quadcopter Drone: This drone is very agile since it has a low weight and is really small. Furthermore, it has a fast charging time.
  • Holy stone F181 Quadcopter: This drone has a security system which enables every users to control it. Furthermore, it comes with two batteries, which allows a longer flight time.
  • Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter: This drone has a powerful battery which allows a flight time of 25 minutes. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 1080p camera, which allows the capture of high quality footage.
  • Udi U818A HD: This drone is great for entertainment, since it can do flips and tricks. Furthermore, it has a HD camera and an extra battery for extended flight time.

As you can see, the various drones differ a lot. These drones are not meant for commercial goals. However, these drones are perfect as a gift or as a starter drone. Before flying your drone, make sure you check out the no-fly zones in your area, this these also apply to small drones.