Drone wedding photography

Drone wedding photography has been taken to the next level with the introduction of drones. Capturing special events using drones has never been easier. Drones can fly in unique angles to provide the best quality photos and videos possible. This innovation will lift the capturing of special events to a whole new level. Recently, drones have found their way in the bridal market. In which a drone is able to capture your wedding in all its glory.

Drone wedding photography

Drone wedding photography                                                                                                                                                                              Source: Brit.co

Drone wedding photography

Drones are able to capture the entire events through unique angles. This will result in astonishing content. Although this all seems like an awesome added value, drones are not as reliable as your standard wedding photographer. Thus, we will provide you with several tips & tricks to fully prepare you.

Having a drone pilot capture your entire wedding will surely be expensive. So before getting too excited make sure your budget allows you to hire a drone pilot. Additionally, do not try to cut costs to hire a less experienced drone pilot. The last thing you want is a drone crashing down and potentially injuring somebody. Thus, make sure your drone pilot has plenty of knowledge and experience in order to prevent any problems. Keep in mind, safety first!

Make sure everyone is on the same page. Before the wedding you have to outline the workload properly. The drone operator has to know what exactly to do and where not to fly. Ensure that the venue manager, regular photographer and drone photographer know their roles to avoid miscommunication.

Also, make sure the drone has plenty of free space. Make sure your venue is drone-friendly. Don’t place too high objects which might be troublesome for the drone. Try to avoid indoor and high obstacles. Although indoor footage might be astonishing the risk is too great, since the drone needs plenty of free space to roam freely.

Last but not least. Bad weather could cause a drone to dysfunction. So do not force a drone to capture your particular event even when the weather is bad.

Know your pilot

As already stated before, make sure your drone pilot is experienced. Do not cut costs here since a crashing drone can result in serious trouble. And this is the last thing you want to happen during your wedding. This brings us to the next point. Make sure your drone pilot has personal property and liability insurance for commercial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). This will ensure a cost coverage should anything happen.

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