Drone uses in the industrial sector

Drone uses are gradually growing in various sectors. Drone jobs like photography and video are the most obvious ones. However, drones can also contribute in the industrial sector. This blog will elaborate on the set of pros of the drone industrial services.

Drone uses

Industrial sector











Why drones?

Unlike people, drones can withstand most hazardous environments whilst being able to perform close visual inspections. These sort of inspections may be life threatening for a person, whilst drones are able to do this without a hassle. Additionally, drones are able to provide maintenance which is extremely time consuming and therefore very costly. The use of drones to support utility providers in maintaining these services can dramatically reduce operating cost and in return consumer prices. To summarize in one sentence; drones can contribute to the industrial sector, in various ways, for both economical- and safety reasons.

Drone uses in the industrial sector

We will now elaborate on the various services drones can provide regarding the industrial sector. Flare stack heads inspections can be simplified by using a fast fly control responsive drone. These inspections can provide detailed imagery and detect any damage which causes the flair stack head to malfunction. In general drones can be used to their full potential in contrast to people when working at remote locations. Especially, the drones’ traveling- and working expenses are notably lower when working at a remote location compared to people. A good practical example is the inspection of offshore oil platforms, since these are dangerous and hard to reach.

Another important discussion point are oil spills. Oil spills have already caused plenty of damage to people and the environment in the past. Drones equipped with sensors are able to provide real time information which will determine where to send the necessary support. This fast data collection will limit the amount of damage an oil spill can cause.

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