Drone use and market trends

How can you utilize drones and what are the current market trends? After reading this blog you will be up to date regarding the growing drone industry.

drone use and market trends

Drone research

Why is drone research so important? The drone industry is still a growing sector, which requires continuous monitoring to become a successful and commercial market. Also, the drone market is transparant enough for people to enter it and work as a freelancer. Individuals can easily take advantage of trends like these. However, make sure you read up on the rules and regulations in your country regarding drone flying, since one can recieve a hefty fine when disobeying these reguations.

Continuous opinions are required to continue the drone research. If you want to assist in this research, visit this page and fill in the survey.

Drone use and market trends

  • Drones are still a growing concept in the agriculture market
  • Higher resolution camera’s on drones: drones are gradually being equipped with better cameras. Better cameras result in better footage and therefore it is likely that every drone will be equipped with a 4K camera soon enough.
  • Improved features: Drone software companies are creating apps and software which will help the drone pilot. These growing features will ensure a spot for drones in the commercial market.
  • Small and portable drones: More and more small drones are taking a place in the market. These drones are especially popular among hobbyists. Also, these drones are often referred to as “selfie drones”, since people tend to use these drones to make pictures of themselves from unique angles.
  • Drones in swarms: drones have taken a place in researching weather systems. By flying in swarms, drones can take a significant role in this process. These drones are already able to collective decision-making, adaptive format flying and self healing.
  • Larger drones: tests have already shown how drones can carry people as a “taxi service”. However, this is still a early concept because of the safety concerns.
  • Publicity stunts: More and more companies are using drones to improve their marketing and advertisement strategy. Drones provide an unique eagle eye view which can be used for never seen before footage.

As you can see, drones are being used in a growing amount of sectors. If you are a drone pilot, you can try to jump in on these trends.

Jobs for drones

If you are looking to fly your drone for commercial goals, you can register here. Once you have created an account, you can improve your profile by adding a portfolio. Afterwards, companies and individuals may contact you to start off a partnership.