Drone precision agriculture

Drone precision agriculture is believed to revolutionize agriculture as we know it. As far as one can remember, farming has always been about the legwork: walking down rows, going plant-by-plant to check for weeds, bugs, parched soil or any sign of distress.  However, thanks to investments and more relaxed regulations the time for drones to work in agriculture has arrived. Drones are able to revolutionize the agriculture industry with real-time data gathering and processing. This blog will elaborate  drone efficiency in agriculture.

Drone precision agriculture

Drone agriculture

Drone precision agriculture examples

Drones have the unique ability to image, recreate, and analyze leaves on a plant from 400 feet, to retrieving information about the soil. Drones are believed to revolutionize precision agriculture and increase crop yields. A drone can already be used at the early stages of the crop cycle. Drones can provide both 2D, and 3D mapping for early soil analysis. This information can be used to plan planting patterns. Afterwards, the soil mineral levels can be monitored. Additionally, drone planting systems are available which can drastically reduce planting costs. These systems will both shoot seed pods and shoot nutrients into the soil.

The next step drones agriculture technology can provide is spraying the soil with the required liquid. Lasers and measuring equipment will allow the drone to adjust altitude and avoid collision. At last drones will provide irrigation. Assessing the health of the crops and soil is essential to maximize crop yields. By detecting diseases or infections farmers can apply remedies more quickly.

Agriculture drones in the current market

A growing amount of service providers are entering the drone market. Companies begin to offer full fletched drone agriculture services which directly address the farmers. By communicating the broad range of benefits farmers might realize how drones are drastically more efficient than regular labor. Furthermore, sharing economy platforms like jobs4drones.com connect service providers, and service demanders. In order to avoid miscommunication, service providers can simply register themselves and post their job in the right category, with a specific description. Service demanders can simply search for drone pilots by selecting the correct category and adding their location. A map showing the nearby service providers will simplify the connecting process.