Drone pictures

Drones taking pictures has taken photography to a whole new level. A new era of drone photography has been introduced with the rise of drones. Drones are able to take pictures from unimaginable dimensions, which creates astonishing content.  This blog will focus on the wide variety of uses regarding drone pictures.

Drone aerial photography

Photography has been revolutionized by the use of drones. Drones are capable of taking pictures of which humans believed to be impossible. The unique ability to reach any heights and places, without any safety concerns, allows drones to take breathtaking photos. Taking the best aerial drone photos can be a hobby, but there is more to gain from this hobby. A good example is the Dronestagram International Drone Photography Contest. In the timeframe of 30 May – 30 June 2016 people from all over the world were allowed to submit drone pictures, which then would be judged by a panel of experts. There were three categories in this contest, Travel, Sports Adventure, and Nature Wildlife. All three of these categories made for unique and extraordinary photos. Below you can see the winner from the travel category. Fcattuto made this breathtaking photo in Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Umbria. This unique photo perfectly displays the capability of today’s drones. This was the third edition of the contest and will most likely be held again in 2017.

Drone picturesDrone pictures                                                                                                                                      Source: Dronestagr.am

Although this seems very accessible to everyone it might be deceiving. One would have to buy an expensive drone and equip it with a costly camera. Furthermore, you will have to fly your drones to risky areas in order to take the best photos. And we didn’t even mention the hours required to get that perfect drone picture. So if you are considering joining this contest, or creating high quality drone content, do not forget the required time and money to start things off.

Drone pictures: commercial

Drone photography is also being used for commercial services. Companies in plenty of sectors are using drones for marketing purposes. Drone pictures are unique content which is exceptional for marketing purposes, since these pictures will be of notably higher quality than regular pictures. Additionally, companies try to revolutionize their core business by using the versatility of drones. A great example is drone pictures which display a heatmap of the drought of a farm. Based on this heatmap the farmer can efficiently take action. This will cost the farmer significantly less manpower, and drastically improve his yields. Therefore, drones can take a big role in the future of agriculture.

Drone privacy

We just discussed the use of drones, but we did not yet shed any light on the drone privacy, which is also a big thing in the drone world. Before gathering content by using your drone it is important to review your countries regulations and no-fly zones. Every country has its own regulations and no-fly zones. Especially airports are no-fly zones for drones because of the huge risks. So to avoid any conflict with the law, you should google your area, or contact the local authorities to inform yourself. Additionally, you can take a look in our other blogs, in which we highlighted the regulations and drone flying areas in a number of large cities.