Drone jobs

Drone jobs, often referred as uav jobs, are gradually becoming more various, with the rising drone market. Drone video & drone photography are the two most obvious drone jobs. This blog will zoom in on the various commercial drone services. Next to entertainment, drones can serve for plenty of jobs which are considerably more difficult for humans. Therefore it is very cost efficient, and safer to use drones instead of people.

Drone jobs

Drone video & drone photography

We will start of by explaining the two most basic commercial drone services; photography and filming. What does one require for these services? A steady drone with a high quality camera equipped, and sufficient drone piloting experience to snap a high quality picture. Before the drone era, it was very hard and expensive to acquire aerial pictures. However, acquiring aerial pictures is a piece of cake for everyone who has access to a drone. By combining the flight and image collection capabilities, drones enable you to inspect building envelopes and rooftops quickly and safely. Additionally drones can film events or special family activities to tailor your project’ needs.

Geo Location

Drone mapping provides easy, fast and accurate aerial data acquisition that will enable you to take informed and targeted action. Mapping by drones will provide an insight that’s invaluable to industries like, construction, mining operations and land and resource management, for gathering data for any area that needs to be looked at closely. Imagine how you can advance your business practices by getting accurate and immediate actionable information about your operation.


Natural elements can seriously affect the quality of the landowners’ property and crops. This may result in considerably high costs which can be avoided by using the monitoring capabilities of drones. The use of drones in conjunction with advanced camera systems will allow you to monitor these effects whilst also detecting soil and mineral changes. The ability to preserve and secure these resources will enable the owner to optimize returns within their development promoting growth and yield.

Environmental & Government

Even the government is already incorporating manned aircrafts in their daily routine. Although this helps protecting the community, using manned aircrafts have limited air time and are not cost efficient. An integrated system incorporating several persistent and reaction based assets both manned and unmanned can allow Police Departments to reduce patrols, response times and increase the detection and prevention of unlawful acts.

Furthermore drones can be used to monitor hard to reach areas by tracking walkers or visitors. Some places are extremely time consuming to reach. Tracking someone down who got lost or injured in these places can be extremely time consuming. However, drones can provide necessary sometimes lifesaving treatment more quickly than a rescue team. Additionally drones can drastically help improve the reaction time of rescue teams in rough terrain, by tracking the exact location of the injured.


Infrastructure provides the world with the power it needs. Therefore, assets must be maintained properly in order to function to their full extend. Routine maintenance is mostly carried out by people, which is costly and carries safety risks. Hence the impact of drones on this job. Since drones are immune to the most hazardous environments, including smoke and toxins, drones are able to operate day or night equipped with an array of visual and sensor technology.

Furthermore, Drones are capable of close visual inspection of alternative energy facilities such as wind turbines, hydroelectric dams and solar farms. These alternative energy farms need regular maintenance which can efficiently be executed by unmanned drones.

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