Drone flying in the Netherlands

Flying your drone in the Netherlands will surely be a good time. The Netherlands offers plenty of sightseeing which is even better whenever you use your drone. However, because of the dense population, and the many no-fly zones, drone usage in the Netherlands is very limited. This blog will elaborate on the legal drone usage in the Netherlands.

Drone flying in the Netherlands

The Netherlands

Drone flying in the Netherlands

First of all, we will explain the definition of no-fly zones, and how they affect the Netherlands. A no-fly zone is an area over which drones are not allowed to fly. These areas are often used for military goals, or are airports. Since this is a government controlled aerospace, people are not allowed to fly their drones here.

Because of these strict, but logical rules, suburban areas are the place to be if you want to fly your drone. In suburban areas you won’t have to deal with a large amount of people, roads, and other obstructions. 

Drone pilot certificate

In order to fly in the Netherlands you will need a drone pilot certificate. One could try out for the certificate exam right away. But it is advised to take theoretical and practical lessons which will fully prepare you. There are a various amount of workshops and courses to completely fulfill your needs. Plenty of organisations offer these courses. A good example is Dronecentre, they offer a broad range of courses to fully prepare users of all levels.

The pilot flying the drone has to own a pilot license. Additionally, if you are using your drone for commercial goals you will have to apply for a RPAS Operator Certificate (ROC) license. There are different ROC licenses which can be distinguished by how the drone usage is limited. The weight of your drone will determine which license you require. Drones above 4KG require the regular ROC license, and drones under 4Kg require the ROC Light license. You can apply for these licenses here.

The last thing you need before legally flying your drone is a medical examination. This is to determine whether your health status poses a risk regarding drone safety. You can apply for such an examination at the Sky Medical Centre Eindhoven Airport.

Drone Preflight

Drone Preflight is an application which can be installed on your smartphone. This app allows you to check whether your area is a no-fly zone or CTR. This can be extremely useful for drone pilots who love to fly at many areas. One can simply fill in the address in the app and it will show you whether it is legal to fly your drone here. This feature allows you to plan your drone flying trips, and prevent any conflicts with the law.