What to take into account when buying a drone

Somehow you got interested in drones. It could be because you saw someone fly one, or because of the amazing things you can do with them, or you just like to fly one. Before flying one, there are a few things you need to take into account. This blog gives more insight in the points you have to be aware of.

Reason to buy

Are you a hobbyist or a professional drone pilot? There are several purposes to buy a drone. On our website there are listed a few. Do you need a camera? And if so, will it be for videos or photos? In that case, you will need a drone that can support and add-on camera device or a camera that supports video streaming.

If you are a hobbyist and you just like to fly a drone, you probably won’t need a add-on camera device. A toy drone could be a good option. It has no GPS option and the battery life is very limited. For that reason the entry-level for these kind of drones are very low, mainly because of the low prices.

When purchasing a drone because you like to race, this article will be quite convenient (for you).

Knowledge of the regulations

Before flying a drone, you need to be aware of the rules and regulations in your own country. Most countries already have their own regulations for UAV’s. The regulations in the United states can be found on the FAA Website. The most important matter is that safety comes first at all time!


You have determined the reason to buy. You reviewed the rules and regulations regarding unmanned aerial vehicles in your area. Now it is time to choose the right drone for you!

RTF: Ready-to-Fly

This type is probably the best deal for a beginning drone pilot. You only have to charge the batteries and you’re good to go!

BNF: Bind ‘n Fly

The key difference between RTF and BNF is the fact that the BNF models don’t contain a controller/transmitter in comparison to the RTF models. If you already have your own controller/transmitter, BNF is probably your best option.

ARF: Almost-Ready-to-Fly

If you’re going for an Almost-Ready-to-Fly drone you need to read beforehand which components are included. Sometimes these packs come without motors, transmitters, or other crucial parts. ARF packs are for the more experienced drone pilots.


You need to determine your budget before deciding which drone to buy. There are drones available for less than $50 up to models for thousands of dollars. Read our previous blog for the top 5 cheap drones.

Furthermore there are a few other things you have to bear in mind when buying a drone, like; the material, battery duration, weight, etc.

Now you have all the information you need for buying a drone. So what are you waiting for? Start looking for the drone that fits you and become a drone pilot!