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What do we offer? wants to bring the “sharing economy” ethos to drones, which helps individuals and companies find and hire unmanned aerial vehicles for photo, film and video, inspection and mapping jobs, surveying, and other work.

Drones make it far easier, faster and safer to capture good aerial views with the required detail. What once took dangerous efforts can now
be done in minutes or little hours. So are you looking for a special view of your event or your location, does your company or farm need to
get a detailed inspection done? Drones can be a cost effective answer for one-off projects and once in a lifetime events. This website will
help you to find the right drone pilot with the right material to realize your project and deliver the aerial views you need.

That’s why Jobs4Drones is launching its website and soon mobile app, which helps you in finding the right service for your aerial views. The goal is to make it easier for everyone to afford the expensive drone technology and in that process, help independent pilots make money from their drones. Finding commercial drones has never been easier!

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Drone Services

Here you can see the six drone services in which you can consult profiles and expertise. To view a more specific description, click on the header of the concerning service.


  • Photography

    By combining the flight and image collection capabilities, drones enable you to inspect building envelopes and rooftops quickly and safely.

  • Drone Video

    Most people have heard of drones, or aerial filming and understand what can be achieved with these fantastic tools.

  • Drone Mapping

    Drone mapping provides easy, fast and accurate aerial data acquisition that will enable you to take informed and targeted action.

  • Agriculture

    The use of drones in conjunction with advanced camera systems will allow you to monitor soil and mineral changes.

  • Environmental

    An system incorporating persistent and reaction based assets both manned and unmanned can allow Police Departments reduce patrols.

  • Industrial

    Immune to the most hazardous environments, including smoke and toxins, drones are able to operate day or night.


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